Ilumina Gold Premium Bible Software

ilumina gold premium bible software

  • Ilumina is a fantasy-themed Philippine drama series about witchcraft and sorcery directed by Mark A. Reyes and distributed by GMA Network. It premiered on August 2, 2010, replacing Diva in the GMA Telebabad.

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ilumina gold premium bible software - iLumina Gold

iLumina Gold Parents and Teachers Edition (Live the Bible)

iLumina Gold Parents and Teachers Edition (Live the Bible)

iLumina Parents and Teachers Edition is the first kids' software program designed in an interactive visual learning format to help make Bible learning both fun and memorable. iLumina Parents and Teachers Edition contains The Book of Life, 22 volumes of Bible-based content in a searchable encyclopedia module including over 1,000 relevant photos. Also included are lessons written by Dr. V. Gilbert Beers focusing on the life of Christ. This custom iLumina product is a must for any family, classroom, or homeschool setting.

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PDA Bible

PDA Bible

Yeah, I am a tech geek wanna be- the screen is starting to buzz so I will have a Pocket PC soon enough. I am looking forward to that upgrade because then I will have enough memory to use ALL the utilities on the software- right now my PDA doesn't have enough memory to run all of the bible versions on the software so I settled for the NIV study Bible. All the ** and circles take you to notations/commentary/ and cross ref's with a CLICK of the stylus! *Sigh* I love it!

Bible Kitty and Software!!

Bible Kitty and Software!!

Sunday morning in bed with my Bible kitty and software... and lappy is on the side (out of the picture)!!

I liked the colours in this shot.

ilumina gold premium bible software

ilumina gold premium bible software

Biblia iLumina Gold en Español - iLumina Bible Software in Spanish

iLumina hace que la Biblia sea accesible en formas inimaginables hasta ahora. iLumina es el mas moderno software biblico que emplea tecnologia de ultima generacion, con cientos de fotos, animaciones digitales y documentales en video, es decir, un mundo interactivo que crea una experiencia excitante y vital para todos; desde ninos a eruditos. Descubra el nuevo estandar para los programas electronicos de Biblias y Enciclopedias. Incluye: LA BIBLIA - Diferentes medios visuales y sonoros ilustraran cada capitulo de la Biblia. ENCICLOPEDIA - Descubra miles de articulos que lo haran regresar a los acontecimientos biblicos por medio de los terminos enciclopedicos, de las animaciones, fotos y mapas. DETALLES EXTRAORDINARIOS - Obtenga un mejor entendimiento de la la historia biblica y global con los mapas interactivos de iLumina. CONOZCA A LA GENTE - Descubra quien es quien, cuando y que sucede con las personalidades historicas del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento, personas sobre las que solo leyo ...hasta ahora. !Y mucho mas! iLumina is the world's first digitally animated bible and encyclopedia suite. Check out the entire website ( for a complete list of features and enjoy the tutorial videos we put together for you!

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